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Residential Mortgage Financing

Home Loans

Conventional home loans, FHA loans, VA loans, USDA/100% Financing, 203k/Rehab home loans, Home Renovation loans, New Home Construction loans, Manufactured Home loans.

Home Refinance

Rates from 2.75%, No upfront costs, Fixed & Variable Options, Short Term Specialists, Debt Consolidation Experts, No Mortgage Insurance Programs, 5, 10, 15 year programs.

Home Equity

Use your home as collateral to get a loan. We have different types of loans including Home Equity Loans, Home Equity Line of Credit (HELOC), and Cash-out Refinance. Find out more.


We have supported individual Realtors & Real Estate offices throughout Western PA since 1998, and continue to offer the 1st full service Realtor support program. Find out more.

Advantages of Working with KASH Mortgage Group

  • Why Pick One Option When We Can Provide You Multiple Options

    KASH Mortgage Group provides home buyers with several mortgage options unlike that of a single bank lender. We are aware of the entire home lending industry so we are able to select the most beneficial home loan based on your particular needs or circumstances. KASH Mortgage Group can save you the time and frustration of applying at a bank that we know would not consider your unique situation. We know which banks are offering special discounts and exclusive deals not offered in the open market and this give you multiple lending options and more confidence to purchase the home of your dreams. Learn more about your home lending options.

  • We Handle The Entire Mortgage Process For You

    KASH Mortgage Group administers the entire home loan process on your behalf versus companies like Lending Tree. The problem with online mortgage broker companies is you are on your own to manage the barrage of emails and sales calls you will receive from all the banks competing for your home loan. Be prepared to continue to receive these emails and calls long after your initial application submission. At KASH Mortgage group we are your personal representative, therefore we shop the various banks on your behalf without you having to deal with the emails and phone calls from each lender. While you are busy with your daily life, we will be searching the multiple options to fit your unique mortgage requirements. Learn more about our process.

  • We Provide A Personal Online Portal For Each Customer

    Communication is the key to a successful relationship. That is why we provide an online portal that is dedicated to communicating the loan status to our clients. The secure online portal gives our customers the ability to check in and see the progress rather than waiting by the phone and wondering what is happening with the loan. This secure webpage keeps our clients up to date and proactively lists missing items that may be slowing the loan process. It is our goal to get you in the home of your dreams as soon as possible, be proactive, and avoid any unnecessary misunderstanding. Learn more about our secure online Virtual Desk.

  • We Are Masters of Detail and Experience

    KASH Mortgage Group knows the caution borrowers take when looking for a home mortgage. It is with this in mind that KASH Mortgage Group has your best interest at heart. Home loans are confusing and complicated. Because of this, we have dedicated years of experience to guide you through this process of purchasing a home. We will be by your side through the entire process, answering any questions, concerns, or apprehensions you may have. Contact us to learn more.

Hear what CLOSED Homeowners all across our area are saying !

“Kurt & his team at KASH did exactly what he said they would & we celebrated the Holidays in the home of our dreams, they are one helluva mortgage business”.

John D.Home Buyer

“My kids are in school, no more RENT payments we are now saving money for their college & loving life in our new home, thanks Kurt.”

Sara H.Home Buyer

“We stopped paying $800+ in RENT!! & began paying for our own home & building our own nest egg !!”

David W.Home Buyer

“As the reality of my finalized divorce set in KASH helped me re-mortgage & keep my home when everyone else thought I couldn’t keep it”

Angela F.Home Buyer

“We got a 100% financed mortgage that no one else even explained the OPTION to us these guys are the real deal! I tell everyone to just call Kurt @ KASH.“

George C.Home Buyer

“After being turned down at banks & real estate lenders.. Kurt & his team fought to get us a mortgage right from the beginning when no one else did what they did for my family I can’t thank Kurt or his team at KASH enough.”

Stacy F.
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Mortgages Made Simple




Stop Paying Rent Today!

Your Monthly Rent Is Paying Off A Mortgage - And It’s Not Yours

The average rent charged for a 3 bedroom single family home is $1,000 per month.

$1,000 per month x 12 months = $12,000 per year in rent

If you are paying the average rent, you are paying their mortgage off by $12,000 per year.

How long have you been paying rent?

3 years? – $36,000 towards someone else’s home mortgage!
5 years? – $60,000 towards someone else’s home mortgage!!
10 years? – $12o,000 towards someone else’s home mortgage!!!

We have a program for everyone.

Call us at 866.866.KASH (5274) or fill out our short Pre-Approval Home Loan Application.

Your Paying Rent Because You Don’t Have the Down Payment

You may qualify for 100% financing.  Yes, that means no money down.

If your excuse for not buying a home is because you are unable to afford the down payment, think again.  We may be able to get you in the home of your dreams without any money down.  Stop paying rent and let us help you discover the beauty of home ownership.

Call us at 866.866.KASH (5274) or fill out our short Pre-Approval Home Loan Application.

Your Paying Rent Because You Have Bad Credit

We have a home loan program for everyone. Yes, we are able to help people get into the home of their dreams even with credit challenges.

Assuming that you are unable to get approved for a home loan may hurt your future.  You owe it to yourself to speak with a Specialty Mortgage Expert.

It’s your free, No Obligation opportunity to learn that your future could change for the better!

Call us at 866.866.KASH (5274) or fill out our short Pre-Approval Home Loan Application.

Invest In Yourself

Take a couple of minutes and fill out this short form to find out if you can get Pre-Approved.  You owe it to yourself and family.

About Us

KASH Mortgage Group specialists are licensed and professionally cross-trained to analyze and consult on all aspects of the mortgage preparation process including credit history, employment and extenuating circumstances associated with divorce, loss of employment, medical and financial hardships.

The advantage of using a specialist such as KASH Mortgage is that we work with a variety of banks that have a program that suits every individuals specific needs, which allows us to secure you the best rate, term and program available in the marketplace.

KASH Mortgage Group will create a custom mortgage solution that meets or exceeds our individual customers’ expectations by always being there for you through the entire loan process, ensuring the highest level of customer service and care available anywhere in the mortgage industry today.

We were here when the home market crashed and other fly by night mortgage companies failed.  Since 1998 we have operated as a local, experienced and trusted mortgage specialists having provided more than $700 million in residential home mortgage financing.

Contact us today 866.866.KASH(5274) and learn how easy it is to become a proud home owner.

  • Our Mission

    Maintain the most comprehensive selection of CHOICES, OPTIONS & SOLUTIONS for Home Mortgage products & services to support Community, Real Estate Professionals, Home Buyers & Home Owners in 100% compliance with Federal & State Regulations.

  • Our License

    We are fully licensed by the PA. Department of Banking to provide home loans including Conventional, FHA, VA, USDA, Manufactured, 203K home mortgage products & services to home buying clients across all cities, counties and locales in the state of Pennsylvania.

  • Our Offices

    Our corporate office is located in Zelienople, PA.  We also have a local presence in the counties of Allegheny, Butler, Crawford and Erie.

Call Us: 1.866.866.5274


In order to help you during your mortgage research period, you must have a base line to start working from. In order to be efficient and smart about your research time, allow us the opportunity to explore your current status. We can help you by starting with a quick quote. This is not a credit check or obligation, rather a status check on your current purchasing position. It’s only a few questions and it will help get you started in the right direction.

We would like to hear from you!



Are you a Realtor?

Every successful realtor knows the #1 secret to any professional Realtor’s success is a LIVE continuous pipeline full of past, present and future BUYERS & SELLERS. We can contribute towards yours.