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Manufactured Home Loans & Mobile Home Loans

We have mortgage lenders that will approve you for a Manufactured Home Loans and Mobile Home Loans? KASH Mortgage Group has lenders that specialize in Mortgages for Manufactured Homes and Mobile Homes. Contact one of our KASH Mortgage Group specialists to answer your questions.

Contact Our Mortgage Specialist To Learn More: 866.866.5274

Maximum Loan Amount

  • Manufactured Home Only:   $69,678
  • Manufactured Home Lot:      $23,226
  • Manufactured Home & Lot:  $92,904

Maximum Loan Term

  • 15 years for a loan on a manufactured home lot
  • 20 years for a loan on a single section manufactured home and a lot
  • 25 years for a loan on a multiple section manufactured home and a lot

Eligible Borrowers

  • Must have sufficient funds to be able to afford the required minimum down payment.
  • Must prove they have a steady income and high enough income to be able to afford minimum monthly payment and their total monthly debt payment.
  • Must be the primary occupant of the residence
  • Must have a suitable site for placing the manufactured home. The home’s site may be placed on a rental site provided that the rental agreement meet FHA guidelines.

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